The first thing you need is items to consign. You can start with your own closet, of course. But eventually, you may need to source items elsewhere. You can find those at yard sales, thrift stores, or from friends and family.

To start your consigning business, think about what kinds of items you want to resell. Will you focus on something specific, like maternity clothes or luxury handbags; or do you want your site to be more general? You can start with one niche and expand as your resale business grows.

Selling platform/website

To get your online thrift store up and running, you need to use a sales platform or create your own website.

You can choose either an all-in-one platform or set up a WordPress site plus a payment platform. People also have success in setting up Instagram accounts to list clothes for sale and receiving payments through PayPal.


You can also use well-known apps to sell your items. Poshmark and Mercari are great, but they’ll take a portion of your sales. If you decide to list your items on Instagram and bill via PayPal, you’ll likely have to pay PayPal fees.

Pick whatever platform is the simplest for you. You can always change later if you need to.

1. Participate in market research

2. Get cash back and rewards when you shop

3. Complete micro tasks

4. Trade in old phones or unused technology

5. Start a blog of your own

6. Become a proofreader

7. Work as a virtual assistant

8. Manage Facebook Ads for businesses

9. Host a digital course

10. Teach English as a second language

11. Sell your unused gift cards

12. Become a private tutor

13. Get paid to test websites

14. Pick up freelance work

15. Sell what you make on Etsy

16. Create YouTube content

17. Buy and sell domain names

18. Teach business owners how to use Asana

19. Start a dropshipping business

20. Create an app