10 Passive Income Apps Everyone Should Be Using

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From cash back and rewards points to dividends and REITs, there are numerous ways to earn passive income using only your phone. Here are the best apps for doing just that.

Passive income is seldom 100% passive. But while you have to do something to earn cash or rewards, who said that something has to be difficult?

That’s the beauty of passive income apps. Whether you get paid to invest in portfolios or save money on groceries, it’s possible to earn money outside of your 9-to-5, and do so in a way that requires very little energy or effort.

Although you likely won’t get rich overnight, passive-income earning apps that offer cash payouts can help you build an emergency fund or save up for a financial goal. And those that offer gift card rewards give you extra virtual cash to make purchases you need or ones that don’t fit into your budget.

1. Honeygain: Sell your unused internet data

2. Dosh: Shop with this mobile cash-back app

3. Outdoorsy: Rent out your RV

4. Worthy Bonds: Invest in local businesses

5. Swagbucks: A search engine that pays you

6. Sweatcoin: Take one step at a time to earn passive income

7. Turo: List your car and let it do the earning

8. OnMyWay: Get paid to not text and drive

9. National Consumer Panel: Get paid to share your opinions

10. UpVoice: Browse the world wide web